Monday, January 7, 2019

Basic Knowledge of Oil Painting - Color Emotion

                        Basic Knowledge of Oil Painting - Color Emotion

Oversized Palette Knife Painting. Yellow, gray

Color can not only simulate and reproduce the visual image, but also cause some emotions. Although the relationship between color and emotion varies with the times, nationalities and individuals, within a certain range, color feelings have their commonalities. Chinese brides wear red clothes at weddings to convey their festive mood, and white clothes, hats and shoes at funerals. To express sadness and solemnity. But when Europeans get married, the bride wears a white dress to show her purity and beauty, contrary to Chinese tradition. This is the emotional expression of color. In ancient China, yellow symbolized the emperor, and other officials and people could not use yellow robes or yellow glazed tiles. Otherwise, they would have to kill their heads in the face of great adversity and inhumanity. This is the epoch of color. "Recalling the green dress, pitying the grass everywhere" originated from the poet's unique feeling towards the green dress woman, empathizing with the green grass, which is the individuality of color feelings. The same nationality, the same age, the same sex, the same age of color feelings often have many commonalities. People can convey certain emotions through color language, so that the viewer is infected, causing resonance. Here are some common emotional color language.

Excitement and Quietness Color
Red, orange, yellow and other bright warm colors excite people; green, blue and purple, green gives people a sense of calm.

Light and Heavy Colors
Some light colors give people a light feeling, while others are low-lightness, deep and dark colors give people a dull feeling. Heavy color in the lower, light color in the upper, people feel stable; light color in the lower heavy color in the upper, it gives people a sense of instability.

Brilliant and Simple Colors
Colors with high brightness and purity give people a beautiful feeling; colors with low lightness and purity give people a simple and unadorned feeling.

Forward color and backward color
The colour on the same plane. Some colours make people feel prominent, and some colours make people feel backward. The former is called forward color, the latter is called backward color. The warm color like red and yellow has forward feeling, while the cold color like green and green has backward feeling. A small dark color on a light foundation feels backward, while a small light color on a deep foundation feels the opposite. After Extra Large Modern Painting the walls and roofs of the room, it fades make it spacious and tall.

Expansion and contraction colors
Some colors look larger than they are, and some look smaller than they are. The former is called expansion color, and the latter is called shrinkage color. Generally, the expansion color is consistent with the forward color, the warm color and bright color appear large, the shrinkage color is consistent with the backward color, the cold color and dark color appear small. The black on the white ground is small; the white words on the black ground are big. People in dark and cold clothes look thin; people who wear in light and warm clothes look fat.

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