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Glass oil painting-wall art ideas for living room

Wall art ideas for living room
Glass canvas belongs to miscellaneous category, look coldly,Large Canvas Art Cheap it is the painting on glass nevertheless, add wooden seat of inlaid frame is put on bar case, or edge of inlaid wood is hanged on the wall, not what elegant implement, time also is late qing dynasty republic period mostly.
Glass oil painting seems ordinary, in fact it has a lot of knowledge in it.
Whenever we are faced with a cultural relic, no matter large or small, the larger one may be a grotto, and the smaller one may be a plaything in the palm, we first need to identify the age, material, working purposes, etc., to master a lot of knowledge of cultural relics.

The knowledge of glass oil painting lies in that it is painting on glass colored oil painting, this kind of technique has in Ming dynasty, its characteristic is glass is thin, do not have impurity.
Glass belongs to pure natural, more even and neat, set wooden frame or do wooden frame, carver is very simple.
Unfortunately, glass is fragile, not easy to preserve,Large Canvas Art Sale  can see today is the end of the qing dynasty or the republic of China period.
Late qing glass oil painting is characterized by the thickness of glass moderate.
Remember a bit, glass is thinner, age is earlier, common name is "year is good", and year is good again it is southern guangdong place produces, glass color is white and do not have impurity, painter also is more delicate, design has knife horse landscape figure.
In terms of value, the picture is more valuable, and the many characters in the story are more valuable than the single one.
The value of glass oil painting of qianlong period is even higher, because the oil painting at this time not only has high value because of the early age, but also because of its fine painting. Most of the oil paintings are with ground, and add gold or silver color. The most famous painter is huang dazheng in guangdong, whose oil color is more vivid and old.
In the period of the republic of China, some of the oil paintings were more fine, while most of the glass was thicker and thicker, especially the figures' faces were not very fine, and the oil colors were thin, thick and uneven, and often were not applied to the ground, so there are a lot of damaged colors preserved to now, less complete.
The variety is big piece to surround screen, interpolate, hang screen to wait mostly, and the wooden seat of the interpolation screen is firewood or hard miscellaneous wood more, some is on wooden seat permeate carve pattern, and the wooden seat of original match glass oil painting is very rare,Large Canvas Art  so the interpolation of the seat is compared to the hanging screen of the wooden frame much higher value.

Because vitreous oil painting is not easy to save, often ignored so collect, in current delicate and complete vitreous oil painting is very rare, old goods market can see sometimes, but painter is rougher, good vitreous oil painting is saved properly, have the space of appreciation likewise.

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