Monday, October 22, 2018

Make your walls artistic

For the present city life, the most afraid is to lose oneself, lose oneself in that monotonous common dust.Especially in domestic outfit design, visit to other people's home each time, always a kind of deja vu feeling, to like make

public individual character for us, absolutely cannot let oneself's home also such!
The home outfit that has individual character wants to highlight our tonality and grade, when letting a guest visit, can have at the moment a bright and amazing result.We do not ask it to be gorgeous luxury, but at least to highlight our

unique, unique!
A home has the wall of tremendous area, the design to it is crucial so.A lot of people are partial to pure white feeling, but time is long, such wall can give a person a kind of drab and uninteresting feeling unavoidably, let stay at

home time become boring!
So as a person that pays attention to life esthetics, want to let the wall in the home be full of artistic breath namely.Abridgment before all the same design, with unique design, make public your unique aesthetic, let the bedroom

refined full edification we!
People with good taste in and out of life often enjoy various art exhibitions, not only to appreciate the paintings, but also to cultivate our sentiment.This also is why some people like to make these famous make deck in the home, since

savour reflect, also let a home do not have artistic emotional appeal!
An exquisite hanging painting can bring intuitive visual feelings and instantly make the white wall three-dimensional fresh.Can choose the painting that photograph echo according to the style of integral home outfit, do not ask too  colorful, but must unique individual character, let metope be enough amazing!
If any decorative painting can catch people's eyeballs in an instant, it must be abstract.The irregular lines or the color blocks are combined together, in front of different people have different views and ideas, extremely rich in ornamental value!

Fine decorative painting is one thing, and good layout is very important.Can choose to combine type adornment picture according to the size of metope.Put them strewn at random have send together, can let metope more absorb eyeball not

only, and also do not have visual aesthetic feeling one time!
Empty and uninteresting metope always lets a person feel tire, be in actually design when, can choose tonal and dye-in-the-wood wallpaper to undertake deck.And now the wallpaper has a strong texture, not only easy to shop and paste, and

do up also very convenient!
Originally plain of a space, had wallpaper of love to eat, reveal a distinctive fashionable taste instantly.Add wallpaper to seem to open to hang now general, or abstract individual character, or contracted bear a look, can gift a

variety of possibility of the home!
The design that resembles current more popular masonry element or mu wen, wallpaper can have easily.Especially the element that likes brick-and-stone this kind is more difficult to manage, although tonal dye-in-the-wood, but can let the

practical of the home become low, use wallpaper to replace after, have no this kind of trouble completely!
Of course the material of wallpaper is very crucial, because want to use glue, so to make a healthy bedroom atmosphere, must give priority to with the material of environmental protection, such ability lets the time that lives in the

future more rest assured.Add seamless collage technology, all beautiful!

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