Saturday, September 29, 2018

4 things you don't know about the bedroom

Decorating just to make you happy? of course.comfortable? natural.But what does the perfect bedroom need? Take inspiration from these bedroom designs and introduce additional amenities that will help transform your space from refined to sublime.

1.Bedside pendant.If you plan to repaint or redecorate your sleeping space in the near future,this is an idea worth considering.

Wired lighting - the pendant form shown here,or wall lamp - will release your bedside cabinet.The extra space overall feels more luxurious.(you can subtly sculpt your desk for maximum peace,instead of balancing the reading,phone and water glass around the lamp holder.)

Another advantage is that the wall controls are permanently close to hand.No longer for some of us (just some of us) to switch on the remote line hanging by the bed.

Call the electrician to quote and ask how hard the installation will be.This depends to some extent on the flow of current in the room.In the best case,if you have an existing outlet or switch under the recommended location,you only need to polish,fill and repaint on a narrow wall and the new cable will be chased.

2.A suitable breakfast tray.Breakfast in bed is rare,and for those special days,a tray with legs is a boon,avoiding the need to balance the flat version of the legs,or worse,juggling plates and cups.The tray for folding the legs will not be stored when not in use.

Of course,these are also very convenient for holding laptops and tablets,but experts say these devices should be kept away from our bedroom for better sleep,so please save the tray for croissants,juice and coffee.

3.A bookshelf.The corner of the bedroom book is a place to be read,you will always return to the favorite,or (whisper) the volume you are not willing to lend.

If you choose a bed like this,even a small bedroom can accommodate one,which doesn't affect the floor area.(it's another good corner on the door.)

Or,the built-in shelf along one side of the room can work in a larger space,and the display opposite the end of the bed gives you a pleasing view.inch

4.Pillows and throwing hide spaces.Extra pillows and throws are the daytime layers of the bed,but discarding them sideways before going to bed is not a good or relaxing look.

A storage soft chair or a square blanket is not a new idea,but it is designed for use with styling clips.The end of the bed can be a convenient location or use the space under the window.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Modern Children's Room Design

There is no dispute that fussy parents raise fussy children. Children are very self-righteous small animals, from fashion, music, to what they eat, even their bedroom decorations, they can confidently tell you their likes and dislikes. If you miss it, you 'll never hear their advice.

Exquisite tones allow your baby to grow with the room. Brown and beige color schemes are classic, while green stripes and shocks make them modern and interesting. Musical space brought us to the 1960s, but it has a modern style.The design of its dinner-style furniture, guitar and locker with an American flag shows that pop music culture is alive in the house.

Although these children think they have created standards for their lifestyle, real parents have formed their perceptions through the life they have created for them. The next time your child makes a specific request for space,please measure your impact in that request. This may surprise you.

With a map on the wall, the kids are much smarter than we thought. Why don't you put the world at their fingertips?-well, at least on the wall. Exposing them to their geographical location will allow them to better understand the world. There is no harm in being around someone who can help you find Uzbekistan on the map.