Saturday, February 2, 2019

Design for Home Oil Painting

Today, more and more people elect to hang several Large Canvas Art on the wall any time decorating their homes. What paintings are suited to house? Today we are heading to speak about the type of home oil piece of art. Come and see it.

Acrylic Abstract Art, Contemporary Wall Decor,                                         Colorful Wall Art

I. Handmade Abstract Painting wall efficiency in family room

The living room is the primary sporting occasion for home. Typically the frescoes in the family room ought to be stable and atmospheric. Classical decoration is centered by scenery, characters in addition to flowers. Modern refined decor can make modern theme surroundings, characters, flowers or subjective Large Abstract Paintings. According to the particular special preferences of the proprietor, you can also pick some Extra Large Modern Painting with amazing themes, such as pet-loving partners are able to do some animal-themed murals; sports-loving partners could carry out some activity-themed murals; and literature-loving partners may carry out some murals together with calligraphy, music and dance-related themes.

2. Performance associated with Hand-painted Wall inside Master bedroom

Bedroom is a hotbed of good dreams and dreams, along with a catalyst for grafting reality and dreams. As a new mural in typically the master bedroom, of course, that requirements to exhibit the consistency associated with "lying" mood plus cosmetic feeling. Through typically the mural color, shape, graphic in addition to artistic disposal, three-dimensional display of smooth, relaxed, personal mood. Bed decals should highlight the warm plus romantic atmosphere. Character types, human being bodies, flowers and plants are all very good topics. Naturally , a person can also entertain portrait and wedding party pictures inside the bedroom by hand-painted wall.

3. Restaurant hand-painted wall overall performance

Restaurant is usually a dining occasion, this must demonstrate a sort of "want to be able to rest and eat", "meaning is not necessarily exhausted" atmosphere, so that is finest to create a cozy and enjoyable dining circumstance. Therefore, in the wall painting color plus graphics
Must be fresh, gentle, comfortable, novel, the picture can jump people's urge for food.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Basic Knowledge of Oil Painting - Color Emotion

                        Basic Knowledge of Oil Painting - Color Emotion

Oversized Palette Knife Painting. Yellow, gray

Color can not only simulate and reproduce the visual image, but also cause some emotions. Although the relationship between color and emotion varies with the times, nationalities and individuals, within a certain range, color feelings have their commonalities. Chinese brides wear red clothes at weddings to convey their festive mood, and white clothes, hats and shoes at funerals. To express sadness and solemnity. But when Europeans get married, the bride wears a white dress to show her purity and beauty, contrary to Chinese tradition. This is the emotional expression of color. In ancient China, yellow symbolized the emperor, and other officials and people could not use yellow robes or yellow glazed tiles. Otherwise, they would have to kill their heads in the face of great adversity and inhumanity. This is the epoch of color. "Recalling the green dress, pitying the grass everywhere" originated from the poet's unique feeling towards the green dress woman, empathizing with the green grass, which is the individuality of color feelings. The same nationality, the same age, the same sex, the same age of color feelings often have many commonalities. People can convey certain emotions through color language, so that the viewer is infected, causing resonance. Here are some common emotional color language.

Excitement and Quietness Color
Red, orange, yellow and other bright warm colors excite people; green, blue and purple, green gives people a sense of calm.

Light and Heavy Colors
Some light colors give people a light feeling, while others are low-lightness, deep and dark colors give people a dull feeling. Heavy color in the lower, light color in the upper, people feel stable; light color in the lower heavy color in the upper, it gives people a sense of instability.

Brilliant and Simple Colors
Colors with high brightness and purity give people a beautiful feeling; colors with low lightness and purity give people a simple and unadorned feeling.

Forward color and backward color
The colour on the same plane. Some colours make people feel prominent, and some colours make people feel backward. The former is called forward color, the latter is called backward color. The warm color like red and yellow has forward feeling, while the cold color like green and green has backward feeling. A small dark color on a light foundation feels backward, while a small light color on a deep foundation feels the opposite. After Extra Large Modern Painting the walls and roofs of the room, it fades make it spacious and tall.

Expansion and contraction colors
Some colors look larger than they are, and some look smaller than they are. The former is called expansion color, and the latter is called shrinkage color. Generally, the expansion color is consistent with the forward color, the warm color and bright color appear large, the shrinkage color is consistent with the backward color, the cold color and dark color appear small. The black on the white ground is small; the white words on the black ground are big. People in dark and cold clothes look thin; people who wear in light and warm clothes look fat.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Out of Art, Down with Art

      Popper artists are bold enough to make Great Big Canvas Art out of mundane objects, but to make art equal to life, poppers can not be considered out of line, because in their hands, paintings or Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art, sculptures or sculptures, are just different in subject matter. It is at best the use of art to make a statement that "life is also art." Its creation and existence methods retain the original mode of Oversized Abstract Art. Those works of art that are made exactly like common objects are still works of art. They are still covered with glass cabinets and displayed in museums.For example, Johns'famous simulated beer cans (Figure 77) are protected and displayed as boutiques by museums.So, although the objects of expression have changed, the way of art has not changed. The beer cans made by artists who are placed in glass cover are still different in identity from those that people drink and throw around. Art and life are still separated. Therefore, American artists want to take a bigger step in turning art into life: not only to make art and life similar in state, but also to make them similar in form of existence-to make art as fleeting as life, and impossible to preserve. So a new round of exploration began.

       In addition to "Black and White Art", there is also a famous hall called "performing art" to turn creation into an accidental event. Actually, acting and accidental are very similar. They are all acts instead of works. But "acting", as its name implies, is of a performing nature. It is the creator who comes to the stage to perform to the audience, unlike "accidental" which is "mingling" in the audience randomly and accidentally. There are many kinds of "programs" on stage for performing arts. Artists will take the actions of eating apples, pouring water, walking, undressing and dressing to the audience. They do this seemingly boring, in fact, it is very meaningful, because ordinary people will not pay attention to these small movements, they are too instinctive, too small, too meaningless, but put on the stage "forced" to enjoy, the audience can not help but realize: if these performances because of meaningless and appear ridiculous, then what is the meaning of other serious performances?  In fact, they are activities just like these trivial things, and the meaning is only given by others. Why do we humans put different meanings into our activities?

Saturday, December 1, 2018

wall art ideas for living room-Art superdealer larry gagosian's efforts Pt.4

Wall art ideas for living room-Larry gagoguin told Interview recently that one day in 1985 or 1986, Big Wall Art Online he had lunch at the Factory, Andy warhol's studio on 33rd street.
The floor was stacked with paintings that larry gowuxuan found amazing when Andy warhol opened them for himself: they were 25 feet long and filled with abstract green and gold spots, color blocks and scrawled, metallic lines.
Andy warhol called the paintings his "Piss painting," explaining that the effect was the use of copper paint -- when the paint was still wet, Andy warhol had many people, including his assistant Ronnie Cutrone, urinate on the canvas.

At the time, the works had been in production for nearly a decade, Big Modern Canvas Art but Andy warhol said no one had considered them -- especially Leo Castelli.
Larry gagosian persuaded Andy warhol to put the works on display -- leading to an exhibition in late 1986, one of the last in warhol's lifetime.
Larry gagosian saw Andy warhol and much of his life's work as undervalued "goods".
Speaking about Andy warhol and Cy Twombly, the artist represented by larry Castelli,Oversized Abstract Art  he said: "they've both been represented by Leo Castelli, but it doesn't seem to me that they've gotten the attention they deserve."
He notes that Leo Castelli was so dismissive of Andy warhol's "dollar paintings" that he exhibited them only in the basement of his gallery in Greene street.
"Andy warhol told me he was annoyed," larry gagosian said.

"Larry gagosian to urinate painting processing is a great thing: he's going to dig those neglected Andy warhol, and through exhibitions for them, they may be defined as a very important work to create a market for them," Andy warhol
foundation, the founding director of Vincent said Fremont.EXTRA LARGE HORIZONTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING
After Andy warhol's death, gagosian gallery held more than 20 exhibitions for the artist.
Sometimes the pieces on display aren't for sale -- though larry gagosian likes to say that every piece has its own value -- and sometimes he needs to buy them in advance to sell them, but he always looks to add perceived value to Andy warhol's work.
5. Interview with art group D+M
Croatian-born artist Dora Budor has made D+M Cule - an art group - with Maja Cule.
They Shared a studio in New York, where they collaborated on a variety of hybrid and new media art projects, as well as behavioral performances that combined advertising, imagery modeling, product design, and clever manipulation of various bodies and cultures.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Glass oil painting-wall art ideas for living room

Wall art ideas for living room
Glass canvas belongs to miscellaneous category, look coldly,Large Canvas Art Cheap it is the painting on glass nevertheless, add wooden seat of inlaid frame is put on bar case, or edge of inlaid wood is hanged on the wall, not what elegant implement, time also is late qing dynasty republic period mostly.
Glass oil painting seems ordinary, in fact it has a lot of knowledge in it.
Whenever we are faced with a cultural relic, no matter large or small, the larger one may be a grotto, and the smaller one may be a plaything in the palm, we first need to identify the age, material, working purposes, etc., to master a lot of knowledge of cultural relics.

The knowledge of glass oil painting lies in that it is painting on glass colored oil painting, this kind of technique has in Ming dynasty, its characteristic is glass is thin, do not have impurity.
Glass belongs to pure natural, more even and neat, set wooden frame or do wooden frame, carver is very simple.
Unfortunately, glass is fragile, not easy to preserve,Large Canvas Art Sale  can see today is the end of the qing dynasty or the republic of China period.
Late qing glass oil painting is characterized by the thickness of glass moderate.
Remember a bit, glass is thinner, age is earlier, common name is "year is good", and year is good again it is southern guangdong place produces, glass color is white and do not have impurity, painter also is more delicate, design has knife horse landscape figure.
In terms of value, the picture is more valuable, and the many characters in the story are more valuable than the single one.
The value of glass oil painting of qianlong period is even higher, because the oil painting at this time not only has high value because of the early age, but also because of its fine painting. Most of the oil paintings are with ground, and add gold or silver color. The most famous painter is huang dazheng in guangdong, whose oil color is more vivid and old.
In the period of the republic of China, some of the oil paintings were more fine, while most of the glass was thicker and thicker, especially the figures' faces were not very fine, and the oil colors were thin, thick and uneven, and often were not applied to the ground, so there are a lot of damaged colors preserved to now, less complete.
The variety is big piece to surround screen, interpolate, hang screen to wait mostly, and the wooden seat of the interpolation screen is firewood or hard miscellaneous wood more, some is on wooden seat permeate carve pattern, and the wooden seat of original match glass oil painting is very rare,Large Canvas Art  so the interpolation of the seat is compared to the hanging screen of the wooden frame much higher value.

Because vitreous oil painting is not easy to save, often ignored so collect, in current delicate and complete vitreous oil painting is very rare, old goods market can see sometimes, but painter is rougher, good vitreous oil painting is saved properly, have the space of appreciation likewise.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Staircase decorative painting

Stairs wall art ideas for living room -just what staircase decorative painting
The so-called staircase decorative artwork is a silk painting artwork originated from the warring states period. The decorative painting used within modern home life usually does not emphasize extremely artistic quality, but will pay great attention to the coordination and beautification impact with the environment. Such decorative painting decorations are usually used in the process of creating modern imaginative home decorating.

DecorativePainting is a specific art type work that does not emphasize much artistry, yet pays great attention in order to the coordination and beautification effect with the atmosphere.
The origin of ornamental painting can trace the particular tide to the ornamental patterns on neolithic coloured pottery, such as pet grain, human grain plus geometric grain, all of which are highly sophisticated after exaggerated deformation.
Particularly speaking, it is the silk painting art beginning from the warring declares period, that is generally split into figurative subject matter, image subject matter, floral subject matter, abstract subject matter and

comprehensive issue matter.
Cave murals, tomb murals, palace decoration decals art on today's ornamental painting is also extremely big impact.

Stair add on picture - how really does stair adornment picture select and purchase
1. The decor oil painting should become coordinated with my personal decoration style. The straightforward bed room with modern oil painting will make the space filled with vitality.
Europe kind and classic bedroom select the oil painting of reasonable style, wait like personality portrait, scenery.
Had much better add relief outside frame, appear magnificent, elegant.

two. Color on and indoor metope furniture display echo, tend not to appear isolated.
If become the style of home furniture of deep and sedate, the picture is about to pick the picture of primitive simplicity that heads with it.
If vivid and concise furniture plus decorate, had better select lively, sweet, halfback, abstract kind.

3. The many important thing, of course , is usually to choose what a person like. In contrast to others, almost all of them are supplementary.

4. Choose hand-painted essential wall art ideas for living room as much because possible. There are emulated oil paintings with publishing color filling in the particular market.
Generally, it could be recognized from the brush shots of the picture: the particular picture of hand-painted essential oil painting has a very clear concave and convex feeling, while the printing image is smooth in support of partly filled with oil color.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Make your walls artistic

For the present city life, the most afraid is to lose oneself, lose oneself in that monotonous common dust.Especially in domestic outfit design, visit to other people's home each time, always a kind of deja vu feeling, to like make

public individual character for us, absolutely cannot let oneself's home also such!
The home outfit that has individual character wants to highlight our tonality and grade, when letting a guest visit, can have at the moment a bright and amazing result.We do not ask it to be gorgeous luxury, but at least to highlight our

unique, unique!
A home has the wall of tremendous area, the design to it is crucial so.A lot of people are partial to pure white feeling, but time is long, such wall can give a person a kind of drab and uninteresting feeling unavoidably, let stay at

home time become boring!
So as a person that pays attention to life esthetics, want to let the wall in the home be full of artistic breath namely.Abridgment before all the same design, with unique design, make public your unique aesthetic, let the bedroom

refined full edification we!
People with good taste in and out of life often enjoy various art exhibitions, not only to appreciate the paintings, but also to cultivate our sentiment.This also is why some people like to make these famous make deck in the home, since

savour reflect, also let a home do not have artistic emotional appeal!
An exquisite hanging painting can bring intuitive visual feelings and instantly make the white wall three-dimensional fresh.Can choose the painting that photograph echo according to the style of integral home outfit, do not ask too  colorful, but must unique individual character, let metope be enough amazing!
If any decorative painting can catch people's eyeballs in an instant, it must be abstract.The irregular lines or the color blocks are combined together, in front of different people have different views and ideas, extremely rich in ornamental value!

Fine decorative painting is one thing, and good layout is very important.Can choose to combine type adornment picture according to the size of metope.Put them strewn at random have send together, can let metope more absorb eyeball not

only, and also do not have visual aesthetic feeling one time!
Empty and uninteresting metope always lets a person feel tire, be in actually design when, can choose tonal and dye-in-the-wood wallpaper to undertake deck.And now the wallpaper has a strong texture, not only easy to shop and paste, and

do up also very convenient!
Originally plain of a space, had wallpaper of love to eat, reveal a distinctive fashionable taste instantly.Add wallpaper to seem to open to hang now general, or abstract individual character, or contracted bear a look, can gift a

variety of possibility of the home!
The design that resembles current more popular masonry element or mu wen, wallpaper can have easily.Especially the element that likes brick-and-stone this kind is more difficult to manage, although tonal dye-in-the-wood, but can let the

practical of the home become low, use wallpaper to replace after, have no this kind of trouble completely!
Of course the material of wallpaper is very crucial, because want to use glue, so to make a healthy bedroom atmosphere, must give priority to with the material of environmental protection, such ability lets the time that lives in the

future more rest assured.Add seamless collage technology, all beautiful!